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 “Sky is the limit.” – Nik Kershaw

We’ve all heard that familiar phrase, “give a man a fish, he’ll eat for a day. Teach a man to fish, he’ll eat for life.”

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By now, I’m sure you have figured out that I love sharing brands that do more than just provide beautiful clothes for the world. It allows me to write about two of my favorite things – things that are both aesthetically and altruistically beautiful. A rare marriage that is quickly gaining momentum.

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The lovely people from beyondBeanie have embraced the idea of helping people “learn to fish” while also feeding them as they learn. On the surface, they make beautiful, artisan beanies, bags and ponchos available for purchase. Each item covers the cost of a specific need for the orphaned school children living in the Amanceer Salomon Klein Center, located in Cochabamba, Bolivia.


1 Beanie = 5 Meals

1 Bag = 1 Set Of School Supplies

1 Poncho = 1 School Uniform

What I love about beyondBeanie is that they are not satisfied with simply giving to satiate a current need. Providing fish for the hungry is not enough. Instead, they want to help the women of La Paz, Bolivia, “learn to fish,” so they can provide for themselves and their families for a lifetime.

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Each product beyondBeanie offers is handmade by women of Bolivia. My Illimani Poncho has been handcrafted by the talented Rosy Zarate. Not only does beyondBeanie provide a way for supporters to know who made their garment, they have a dedicated page on their website where supporters can Meet Your Artisan.

Knowing the name of the person who made my poncho, by hand, definitely adds to the sentimental value. But being able to read Rosy’s story and confirms to me the power we have as consumers. We have the power within us to choose how we impact the world. By choosing to purchase from socially conscious brands, like beyondBeanie, we are saying to the world that people matter.

I hope that you have all been inspired by all the brands I have shared with you. I know it has impacted my purchasing habits for the better. I hope you have been inspired to changed yours as well.

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Photography by Shanna Gilfix | Makeup by Emily Oliver