“The thing about being brave is it doesn’t come with the absence of fear and hurt. Bravery is the ability to look at hurt in the face and say, ‘Move aside, you are in the way.’” – Melissa Tumino


By definition, it means to emerge; to become apparent. To move upward; to mount; to ascend. To come into action. 

When I hear the word arise, the image of a phoenix bird appears in my head. A powerful, magnificent bird rising from ashes with Dumbledore by her side (obviously). A visual call to rise up and be strong.

Seven years ago, Cassidy Perry, founder of The Arise Box (a subscription box that gives), answered the call to arise and be brave after watching a documentary about human trafficking. Upon learning the devastating effects it has on women (and men) around the world, Cassidy knew she had to do something.

Her gut reaction was to open a safe house; a place for where survivors would be welcomed and provided with the support they need for the next chapter of their lives. However, after some soul searching, Cassidy realized to build the home she envisioned would take some time.

She also realized there are so many ways she could make a difference now, while still working towards her goal of one day opening a safe house.

From this realization, Cassidy launched The Arise Box, a curated subscription box that gives back, combining two of her passions – sustainable + socially responsible goods and a desire to support survivors of human trafficking. Plus, with every box sold, subscribers are contributing to personalized care kits for survivors.

As I am sure you’ve noticed, I’m a bit obsessed with brands that give. So when Cassidy reached out and asked me to try the box, I immediately said yes. I did not pass go or collect $200 (literally). A box filled with products that do good + also support human trafficking survivors = my kryptonite.

Each seasonal box release comes with a theme and curated worksheets to help you apply the theme in your life.

The theme for the Spring box is “Brave,” which is perfectly themed for my current season in life. I’m looking to make some big changes (don’t worry, I’m going to keep writing and sharing stories of amazing people doing good), so these worksheets really helped me focus in on specific goals and how I can be brave and reach them.

There were so many great thing packed in the Spring box – it’s clear Cassidy puts a lot of thought and effort into each season’s box.

From the Bees Wrap Sandwich Wrap (I’m officially a convert) to Revive Bath + Body Loofa Soap (I seriously smell it three times a day because it’s that delicious smelling) to the Out Of Print Tote Bag, I have loved everything.

But I have to say, my favorite is the post card to a survivor. Everything is completely anonymous for the protection of the survivors, but I love that it gives me (and other Arise Box subscribers) the opportunity to tangibly be involved in the mission behind the box – empowering survivors.

If you haven’t already, you can subscribe and get your own Arise Box and empower human trafficking survivors by clicking here. For $49 a box (includes free shipping!), you get a great selection of sustainable + socially good products, a new pen pal, and provide care packages for survivors – a true win, win, win!